Hero Dog: Yellow Lab Rescues Two Kittens Dumped on Iowa Highway

Sadly, the rest of the litter wasn’t so lucky

Hero Dog Saves Bag of Kittens
Regan the hero dog
A Yellow Lab named Regan found a bag of kittens on the side of a highway in Iowa. Originally there had been four or five kittens stuck in a bag of cat food and left to die on the side of the road, but the bag had already been run over by the time Regan found it. Two kittens were still alive and Regan dragged the bag all the way home and did not stop whining at the door until his owner opened the bag and made the gruesome discovery.

The two kittens, named Tipper and Skipper, were nursed back to health and are now doing fine.

Regan is a hero dog for certain, but I have no words to describe the low-life(s) that dumped the kittens in the first place.

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One thought on “Hero Dog: Yellow Lab Rescues Two Kittens Dumped on Iowa Highway”

  1. Once again, this story shows that compassion is not only attributed to (some) humans, but also to the animal kingdom.

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