Wednesday’s Wild Wacky World of Dog News: Lab saves discarded kittens

I always love a good hero story.  Life With Dogs brings us this story of a dog who loves kittens.

It seems that some lowlife dropped an unwanted litter of kittens into an empty cat food bag, then dumped the bag onto a road. Of course, a vehicle ran over it and killed some of the precious cargo, but some of the kittens escaped harm.
Enter the hero of our story, a yellow Lab named Reagan, who found the bag and not only dragged it out of the roadway, but also took it home.
Reagan’s family opened the bag and found two of the kittens still alive amidst the remains of the others. As late as November 30th, the kittens were available for adoption from Iowa’s Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary. You can follow their progress on FaceBook.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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