Detroit to Euthanize Stray Pit Bull. Just because he’s a Pit Bull.

To be killed this Friday

A stray dog named Ace, after the store he was found near, is going to be killed.

Why?  “Ace is considered unadoptable because he is a pit bull.”

You can follow the story on the Facebook page (now with more than 12,000 likes) for the Detroit Dog Rescue and Save Ace campaign,  and read the full story from the Oakland Press by Karen Workman here.

From the Oakland Press

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6 thoughts on “Detroit to Euthanize Stray Pit Bull. Just because he’s a Pit Bull.”

  1. I’am a pittbull owner and I know how people are about this breed but I also know that it’s not the dogs who are bad,it’s the owners who have made them that way and this dog should not have to suffer the consiquinses of crule and stupid people…

  2. Don, I think that’s a brilliant idea. Run a background check on potential Pit Bull (or other “dangerous” or banned breeds) owners. I agree for the most part the problem is the owners, this would be a good step towards weeding out some of the bad owners. I wonder how legal/realistic an idea it is though. And although it would help rescued Pits go to loving homes, and Pits bred by responsible breeders, there are still irresponsible breeders out there that wouldn’t bother with background checks. But any progress and improvement would be a good thing.

    PS, I hope you’re subscribed to our Straight Poop newsletter, Beth has written an article about Breed Specific Legislation for the issue coming out this weekend!

  3. Don’t put him down! Do the right thing and bring him back to good health–he looks very under weight. And when it comes time to placing him with an adoptive family, run an inexpensive background check on those who want him. Drug and other offenses involving animals, children, or the disabled will be immediate disquailifying factors.

  4. Surely there must be someone out there who can take in this poor dog. He looks terrified, how does that denote, let’s put him down? They really are not a bad breed it is usually a bad owner.

  5. Marlene, I wrote this post. I completely agree. There are obvious Pit Bull issues in the news, and some dangers. But there are good care givers that have the knowledge to handle aggressive breeds.

    I felt this story was worth sharing because THIS is a homeless, malnourished little guy and he’s going to be killed because of his breed, because that’s the law.

    And, now the likes on his facebook page are over 14,000.

    I don’t know if I could handle a pit bull myself, but I know trainers that can. Thanks for your thoughts!!!

  6. For a “dangerous” pit bull, he looks terrified – probably by the “aggressive” people who want to euthanize him. Why not just bring him to the SPCA, or the SPCA should take him under their protection and care?

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