From Detroit PD Facebook page - I don't believe this is Vito, but there was no caption, so it could be.
From Detroit PD Facebook page – I don’t know if this is Vito, but there was no caption, so it could be.
The Detroit Free Press is reporting the tragic news that yet another K-9 officer has been left in a patrol car to die of heat exhaustion.

In this case, at least, the officer did try to do the right thing. He started the car remotely, which should have turned on the air conditioner for the dog. He left the area to attend to some police business, returning 40 minutes later to find the car off and the dog in distress. The dog had a heart attack the next day and crossed the rainbow bridge at the veterinary hospital.

Detroit police policy is that dogs be checked every 30 minutes, so the officer did break policy, but there were apparently mechanical issues with the patrol car, as well. When the car turned off, the windows should have automatically opened, but the back-up system didn’t work. The officer is currently on patrol, but is under investigation.

Rest in peace, Officer Vito. Thank you for your service.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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