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Can You Break In to Take a Dog Out of a Hot Car?

Bored Dog In A Car WindowFrom the Animal Legal Defense Fund:

Only 12 states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Vermont, Oregon and Tennessee — allow “good Samaritans” to break a car window to save an animal.

Almost all of those states require “good Samaritans” to contact law enforcement before breaking into the car. Continue reading Can You Break In to Take a Dog Out of a Hot Car?

How Many Dogs Have to Die?

I don’t understand how this is a hard concept. You don’t leave dogs in parked cars. Never. Or at least not in the summertime. I know I rant about this every summer, but apparently people still don’t realize that hot cars can kill a dog very quickly. On an 80-degree day, especially if it’s humid, your car interior can heat up to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Continue reading How Many Dogs Have to Die?

Saturday Survey: Dogs in Hot Cars


I’ve seen several news articles this week about dogs dying in hot cars during the recent heat wave across the Midwest. The laws are changing in some states and now protect you as a Good Samaritan if get the dog out, even if you have to break the car’s windows. I have had only one experience where I found a dog locked in a car on a summer day, and I called the police because I wasn’t sure what I could do other than that. Have you ever had to make such a decision?

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