Tank: End of Watch August 13, 2013

Tank, a 4-year old black Lab who worked for the Bennettsville Police Department, died on August 13th after being left in a hot car with the windows rolled up and the engine off.

Said to be consumed by grief, the dog’s handler has been place on a 60-day unpaid leave and barred from future service as a K-9 handler.

It appears the officer left the dog in the car to run a quick errand inside police headquarters, but took longer than expected. When he returned to the car, he immediately took the dog to the vet for treatment, but it was too late.

Yet another reminder that even if we’re well-intentioned, dogs should never, ever be left in a car unattended!

Read the whole story and follow-up on CarolinaLive.com

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Good day. and good dog!

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