Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car!

Summer’s here, and once again we find someone left their dog in a hot car. Every year this happens at least once. So, here’s my reminder yet again. When it’s hot out, LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!

Yes, I know they beg to come with us. And I know it’s really hard to resist those big brown eyes. But, come on, what good does it do to allow them to come if they can’t come inside the destination with you?

In this particular case, the woman even had a friend with her when she ran into WalMart for “less than 15 minutes”. There’s no reason she couldn’t have left her friend in the car with the dog, leaving the air conditioner running.

Read the whole story from Cleveland’s Fox8.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Luckily, this one has a happy ending. Passers-by called the police and the dog was okay after being re-hydrated.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car!”

  1. I am sorry there is NO reason to leave your dog in the car in the hot months. Leave them home. Watch a episode of Pet Cops once where the ppl left the dog in the car and it WAS HORRIBLE!!! The poor dog crawled under the dash and of course NO one could see it then and died. This is a HORRIBLE death. The poor cop would had to open the car was horrified!!!! Ask yourself if you would sit in the car for 15 min in 85 degree weather with the windows down just a little bit. Would you leave your child in the car like that? Just called the police office tonight on someone who left their dog in the car. 85 degrees, windows down just a bit. Inside car 102 in ten minutes…120 in a half hour and the dog was in there for 40 min at least!!! Hoping the Cops took care of it. Had to leave once he arrived…Had my own dog to go home after a slow walk.

  2. I’m sorry but these days there is no such thing as a “quick” run in to Walmart you get in there an get why you need then trying to check out is an act of congress you know how long the lines can be sometime and your going to leave your loved animal in the burning hot car. That’s wrong our pets are like our children not to be left in the car!! No matter how long. These dogs have a home an back yard with shade an water. Not ment to be left in cars at 100 degrees.

  3. I leave my dog in my van for short periods with the front windows half way down, the back windows closed just enough to keep him from getting out, and the sun roof open. I leave the tether connected and he has lots of water, as well.
    He barks at anyone who gets near the van(he’s big), but ignores everyone else and just sits and waits for me.
    I know just cracking the windows are not enough, but I think this could be adjusted for cars if necessary.

  4. Every time I see this I try to leave a “nasty” note on the windshield. People should try sitting in the car themselves for 15 min. with the windows cracked and see how it feels.

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