Women arrested for leaving puppy in hot car

Photo credit Slidell Police Dept. via WWLTV.com
Photo credit Slidell Police Dept. via WWLTV.com
Finally, I get to write one of these stories that actually has a happy ending! When Slidell (LA) police officers found a pit bull puppy locked into a car in the mall parking lot, they estimate the temperature inside the car was approaching 150 degrees. After breaking into the car and removing the puppy, they waited THIRTY MINUTES for the dog’s family to come back to the car.

30 minutes? Really? You thought you could leave a PUPPY in a car for 30 minutes in the middle of summer in Louisiana?

Officers say the puppy was extremely dehydrated and would not have lasted much longer if they hadn’t rescued him. The dog is now in the care of the Slidell Animal Shelter, and the women are at the barred bed and breakfast, charged with animal cruelty.

Is it wrong that I’m hoping the jail is not air-conditioned?

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