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K-9 National Certifications

Officer Allen & Drogen, courtesy Brimfield Police Dept on Facebook

Congratulations to the K-9s of the Brimfield, Ohio Police Department. If you haven’t yet “liked” their Facebook page, you’re really missing out. Chief Oliver is da bomb!

A K-9 Unit Update…..

We are pleased to inform you all that K-9 Havoc and K-9 Drogen both passed their national certifications yesterday. Police K-9 units must be state certified by completing testing as outlined and designed by the Ohio Police Officers Training Academy. National certifications are not mandatory; however, we like all the training and testing we can get…it keeps us sharp.
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True Blue Warriors

I think it’s sweet that the True Blue Warriors Facebook page that honors police officers killed in the line of duty also honors K-9 officers who have fallen. One recent warrior whose life was recently taken was Andy, of the Vermillion (Ohio) PD.

Thanks, True Blue Warriors, for understanding and recognizing the sacrifice of your 4-legged officers, as well as the 2-legged ones.

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