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Saturday Survey: Dogs in Hot Cars


I’ve seen several news articles this week about dogs dying in hot cars during the recent heat wave across the Midwest. The laws are changing in some states and now protect you as a Good Samaritan if get the dog out, even if you have to break the car’s windows. I have had only one experience where I found a dog locked in a car on a summer day, and I called the police because I wasn’t sure what I could do other than that. Have you ever had to make such a decision?

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Virtual Leash Brings Your Dog Home

This is a cool new idea from the good folks at Dog Tag Art. It allows you to create a website just for your dog, which is really nothing new. Their twist on it, however, is that you put the website URL on your dog’s tag, allowing anyone who finds your dog when it is lost to log on and find out contact information not only for you, but for whomever might be more accessible at the time.
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Another Win for the MicroChip!

Pictured in the back row are Mary Davis and Shawn Woolever, who brought Corbin home to Michael Saiz.  Photo from Fox19.
Pictured in the back row are Mary Davis and Shawn Woolever, who brought Corbin home to Michael Saiz. Photo from Fox19.
This story grabbed my attention because the dog is originally from Texas (where my dad was raised), but was found in Hamilton, Ohio (where my mom now lives). Weird, huh?

Corbin, a Chiweenie from Killeen, Texas apparently tunneled out of his back yard on March 25th. No one knows what happened between then and when the dog was found tied to a bench outside the Butler County Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio on March 28th, but what happened next is truly a tale of fate and Good Samaritanism.
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Bella the Pit Bull, to the Rescue!

When Bella found her 67-year old, wheelchair-bound master stabbed in the neck, she knew just what to do. She ran out to the road, obviously distressed, and when a Good Samaritan stopped to see what was wrong, Bella led her to the victim.

Police were later able to tie this stabbing to another, and soon arrested the man. The other victim, the suspect’s mother, succumbed to her wounds. Ironically, the killer also killed his mother’s dog.

Bella’s family is still waiting to see if their father will survive – he’s in critical condition with severe spinal cord injuries. All of us at doggies.com are sending hugs and good wishes for his speedy recovery.

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Dog Cruelty in Georgia


Photo Credit:  Norred & Associates
Photo Credit: Norred & Associates

CNN.com is reporting on a raid carried out in Central Georgia at a home where they had received a tip that the owner was fighting as many as 60 dogs.  Turns out they found 97 dogs, some with what appeared to be fight scars.  Many were malnourished, and few had proper shelter or water. 

The good news in all of this?   A private investigation agency named Norred and Associates Inc. helped with the raid out of their founder’s love for dogs.  From the CNN article:

Since the story broke about NFL player Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring, Greg Norred has been donating his firm’s time and expertise and his own money to rescuing dogs.

“I’m an animal lover. I’ve always been an animal lover. And in the wake of the Michael Vick case, I always thought there might be something I could do about animal cruelty, and with the type of business that I’m in and the resources that I have, it seems like dogfighting is the best vehicle that I can use to do something about animal cruelty.”

In the past two years, Norred’s team has volunteered for at least 16 raids. They’ve helped put 20 people behind bars and saved 200 dogs. Make that almost 300 after this most recent raid.

Kudos to the entire Norred team for their help! 

To the rest of you:  see what just one person can do when you set your mind to help?

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