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Soccer Loving Pups

World Cup Dog Tag ArtJust in time for the World Cup festivities, DogTagArt.com has come out with new designs. There are flags from many countries, as well as soccer-oriented fun.

All of my dogs wear tags from this company, and we’ve been very happy with them. They are high quality, durable, and the print stays legible for a long time. I’ve never had to replace one.

Check them out if you’re tired of buying new every few years when your dog’s tags can no longer be read.

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Good day, and good dog!

Virtual Leash Brings Your Dog Home

This is a cool new idea from the good folks at Dog Tag Art. It allows you to create a website just for your dog, which is really nothing new. Their twist on it, however, is that you put the website URL on your dog’s tag, allowing anyone who finds your dog when it is lost to log on and find out contact information not only for you, but for whomever might be more accessible at the time.
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