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Bella the Pit Bull, to the Rescue!

When Bella found her 67-year old, wheelchair-bound master stabbed in the neck, she knew just what to do. She ran out to the road, obviously distressed, and when a Good Samaritan stopped to see what was wrong, Bella led her to the victim.

Police were later able to tie this stabbing to another, and soon arrested the man. The other victim, the suspect’s mother, succumbed to her wounds. Ironically, the killer also killed his mother’s dog.

Bella’s family is still waiting to see if their father will survive – he’s in critical condition with severe spinal cord injuries. All of us at doggies.com are sending hugs and good wishes for his speedy recovery.

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I bet they’re glad they chose this puppy!

Picture courtesy Helped by Animals via Facebook
When Richard Giannetta heard his Golden Doodle puppy, Louie, barking incessantly, he knew he’d better investigate. He found the dog on his bed, barking at his pregnant wife who had recently laid down for a nap.

Richard tried to rouse his wife, then rolled her over on her back when she wouldn’t wake up. He found her foaming at the mouth, having a seizure. Janelle was seizing because her blood pressure had risen dramatically due to a condition known as eclampsia.

Baby Charlotte was delivered by emergency C-section weighing just one pound, seven ounces. The whole family is said to be doing very well, in spite of the health scare. I’m thinking Louie will be looking forward to some extra love when mom and baby come home from the hospital!

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Pit Bull Shows Lassie Behavior

When an Atlanta man tried to leave his home one morning for work, he was stopped by a Pit Bull, but it’s not what you think.  This Pit Bull is actually a hero!  It seems the dog had found the man’s wife after a brain aneurysm caused her to fall and fracture her skull. The dog has now won the “Neighbor of the Year” award from the Vintage Pointe Neighborhood Association, the first dog ever to be so honored.  Check out the video from CBS Atlanta.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Hero Dogs

superdogI recently wrote an article called Extraordinary Hero Dogs for our Doggies Den article library.  I’m not sure when it will be available, but I thought I’d give you a preview here.  These are dogs who, although not specifically trained to be assistance dogs or rescue dogs, performed an act of heroism to benefit their families, or in some cases, total strangers.  Out of the forty-four dogs profiled in the article, here are what I consider the top ten.

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