Dog News Round-Up

Just a few of the things that have crossed my desk this week in the world of dog news:

From Portland, OR: KGW Channel 8 is reporting on a dog who was running on a major highway and was rescued by employees of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where he was treated for a very high temperature and torn up paw pads. The dog had jumped out of a car window, and his owner was frantic until he heard the story on the news and was able to claim his dog from the vet clinic.

From Lansing, MI: The Lansing State Journal reports on a house fire that started in the family’s kitchen and ended in the loss of three dogs and two cats. Our prayers are with the family.

From Phoenix, AZ: The local FoxNews affiliate tells us that 28 dogs were being boarded in a 10 x 10-foot room at a place that advertised a “free range” facility where only 6 dogs were accepted at any one time. Families paid $20 a day to have their dogs kept there. Unfortunately, when the dogs chewed through a cord running the air conditioner in the room where they were kept, 20 of them died, apparently of electrocution. Owners of the facility were out of town, and their adult children were “caring for” the dogs. They checked on the animals at 11:00 pm, then returned at 5:30 to find most of them dead and the electrical wire still sparking. What a tragedy! A Facebook page has been opened to celebrate the lives of these innocent canines.

And now for some good news: The Juneau Empire brings us the story of a Maltese Good Samaritan. When Sanitation Worker Rudy Vonda lost his wallet while picking up garbage cans, he didn’t even know it was missing. Enter 7-month old Lady Bunny, a Maltese who lives with Bonnie and Brad Gruening. The little dog found Rudy’s wallet and brought it home so his family could call Mr. Vonda. Good thing he didn’t have too many receipts or too much money stuffed in there – a Maltese puppy can only carry so much!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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