Daddy Dog

Not only are these pictures cute, but wait until you hear the story behind them!

Scamp saved the lives of six kittens stuck inside a box on a mountain of trash. Scamp heard them, tore the box apart and brought them one by one to where he now happily lives. Scamp is a former homeless dog, and had only one thought: saving them as he was saved once. ♥

Thank you Scamp! You are wonderful! And your story is really heartwarming! ♥

Source: Defendre les Animaux via Helped by Animals Facebook Page

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2 thoughts on “Daddy Dog”

  1. One hears of “motherly” instincts, but it seems Scamp is an extraordinary
    Daddy dog endowed with those gifts, with a big heart to go with it. In his case,
    love has no boundaries. May he be blessed with a long and healthy life along with his “family”- AND their human family!

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