CERF is closing it’s doors

shutterstock_93539515For years, I have recommended that people who are interested in buying a purebred puppy check the Canine Eye Registry Foundation to make sure that both the mama and the papa of the puppies have healthy eyes. Today when I looked at the CERF website, I was shocked to see that the registry is closing down.

They have the following information on their homepage: After nearly 30 years of working towards the elimination of heritable eye disease in dogs, The Canine Eye Registration Foundation will stop accepting new registrations for the CERF registry on June 15, 2014. Our on-line registry will continue to be available for approximately the next year after which CERF records will be able via the OFA website. CERF would like to thank all of our breeders and dog lovers for their continued support over these many years. Please direct any questions and/or concerns that you may have to [email protected].

I’m not sure what is causing the shut down, but I’m glad this important information will be retained. I’m not clear as to whether or not testing and certification will still be available for dogs who are not already on the registry. Watch this space – I’ll try to get more details.

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