K-9 Inka Dies in Hot Car in Georgia

It has happened again. A police officer left his K-9 partner in the car and the dog died. It’s not only tragic, it’s inexcusable.

Lt. Daniel Peabody of Canton, Georgia, drove home from his post last Friday with his Belgian Malinois, Inka, in the back of his patrol car. He turned the engine off and entered his home to do something with another dog, forgetting about Inka in the back of the car in the heat of a Georgia day which had reached 90 degrees.

At 7 pm, Peabody apparently remembered Inka and went back to the car, finding the dog dead in a car where the internal temperature was over 100 degrees.

Unfortunately, the car in which Inka was left, was not equipped as a K-9 vehicles. Police cars made to hold K-9 officers are outfitted with equipment designed to keep the dog safe, including fans that are triggered if the temperature rises above a certain point, and an alarm that rings to call the officer back to the car when the internal temperature reaches a certain point.

Apparently, one of the police department’s K-9 vehicles was out of service, so Peabody was driving a regular vehicle.

Now, I’m blonde, and I’ll admit I have forgotten about things, but I have NEVER left my child or my dog inside my car, and I just don’t understand how it happens. Experts suggest you put something in the back seat of your car that you will need to take inside with you so that you have to check the rear seat before leaving your car. Really? Is there something in your life that’s more important than your kid or your dog that you would put in the seat to remind you to empty all living beings out of the car?

Lt. Peabody was quite distraught, but I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of sympathy for him. I just don’t understand how anyone leaves a dog in a hot car, even if it’s just for a minute. And yet this happens every summer – usually multiple times. Surely there was someplace safe Inka could have been put while Peabody dealt with the other dog if he didn’t want them to be face-to-face. Surely the car could have been left running to keep the A/C on. It just shouldn’t be a tough concept to understand. NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT CAR!

Our sympathies to the Cherokee County department on their inestimable loss.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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