Put Aside the “Pawlitics” and Stand United for Adopted Pets

Photo: PetSmart Charities
I promise you, I did NOT write all of these puns, but I do approve this message!

During an election season marked by heated debate, PetSmart Charities wants to set aside the “pawlitics” and bring everyone together to support a common cause: standing united to save homeless pets. Let’s stop fighting like cats and dogs and come together with PetSmart Charities’ United for Adopted Pets campaign, a “bipetisan” campaign for pet lovers to put aside their differences and pledge to support pet adoption.

Whether partial to cats or dogs, 76 percent are planning to adopt instead of buy their next pet. But we want to know where you stand. Cast your vote today! To vote and learn more about how you can help save homeless pets, visit our Facebook page today!

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Put Aside the “Pawlitics” and Stand United for Adopted Pets”

  1. I regard the adoption of my late beagle, Brittany, as SO successful, I can hardly wait to do it again. It’s been four weeks since I said good-bye to her, and began immediately to find another “older, female beagle.” Looks like I may have to go far afield to achieve that goal … Ely is “big game (moose, deer, bear, wolves) country ergo the preponderant breeds are Labs, Chesapeaks, Rottweilers, Weimeraners and Huskies, with a few Samoyeds. Or Chihuahuas. Lots of Jack Russell/Chihuahua mixes deemed appropriate for apartment living. Sigh.
    Can anybody help me?

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