Fleas Make German Dog “Too Ugly to Keep”

Daily MailHow’s this for an excuse? You let your dog get so infested with fleas that she scratches off most of her fur, so that’s why you had to leave her in a box by the side of a road that asks whoever finds the dog to find her a home because she’s too hideous to keep.

Susi, a 13-year old half-blind Yorkshire Terrier was recently found on a freezing cold day in a roadside ditch in Hildesheim, Germany, covered in blood from all of her flea bites.

The animal shelter where the dog was taken estimates Susi must have been suffering for at least six months, but is expected to make a full recovery and be available for adoption shortly.

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One thought on “Fleas Make German Dog “Too Ugly to Keep””

  1. Poor baby. Just needs a loving person who will take care of his issues. If I had room, i would offer. Let us hear a good end to thi s story

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