Nala, a Pit Bull Hero

Those of you who are totally against Pit Bulls need to read this heartwarming story from the Humane Society shelter in Redmond, Oregon, where a 10-year old blind Cocker Spaniel named Chadwick was adopted in November.

Somehow Chadwick escaped from his adoptive home about a week ago and began wandering around Redmond, trying to find his way home.  With his lack of eyesight, and with a snowstorm burying all the scent hints he might have otherwise followed, Chadwick ended up in a ditch one block away from the shelter where he had been living prior to his adoption.

Enter shelter volunteer Alan Borland, who was walking dogs Monday morning.  After walking five other dogs, he took out a Pit Bull mix named Nala.  Although Nala walked the same exact route as the other five dogs, she would not allow Alan to pass by a ditch.  She kept pulling him toward the ditch, so he finally allowed her to go where she wanted to.

Looking into the ditch, Alan saw a small ball of fur.  Sure that the dog was dead, he went back to the shelter to find someone to help him.  Lo and behold, once they got the dog cleaned up and rehydrated, they realized it was their old friend Chadwick, and they were able to reunite him with his adoptive home.

A wag of the tail to Nala.  It’s nice to hear good news about Pit Bulls for a change!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Nala, a Pit Bull Hero”

  1. I own a grooming shop in Ottawa, Canada.
    One of the groomers owns a Pit Bull named Capone.
    Capone visits us regularly, and spends the day in the grooming shop to greet our
    friends coming to get groomed.
    2 weeks ago I found a wallet, I couldn’t find a phone number to be able to call the owner of the wallet.
    We saw a police officer in the parking lot to see if they could return it to the owner.
    I had one of my staff members bring the officer the wallet in the parking lot.
    The officer then came in the shop to ask where I had found the wallet, Just normal questions. That day Capone was spending the day with us and all his friends.
    When the officer came in she was greeted by Capone. a bark or 2 followed by a lot of licks.
    Capone came back to my desk and sat in my chair and was looking at officer questioning me,he then let out a bark for someone to pay attention to him.
    I turned around and started to pet him. The little bugger didn’t want me to pet him, he wanted the officer to pet him. Capone stepped up on top of my desk so the officer could pet him.
    The officer pet him, she then took a good look at him and asked” Is this a pit Bull?”
    we answered “Yes?” She then replied that Capone didn’t have the reputation that Pit Bull’s had, she said he’s very friendly, she was very amazed by his gentleness. I replied “dogs are not the monsters, the owner are the monsters.”
    At Doggy Day Spa we welcome Pit Bulls of all kinds.
    My co-op student was bitten by a Pomeranian last week, this is just a small dog in comparison.I have nothing against any breeds, I just want to mention that Pit Bull’s are taken for monsters. any dog can be trained to be a killer not just Pit Bull’s , but unfortunately they get the bad rap!!!! Big or small I love them all.
    What I’m trying to say is ..All is born with innocent soul ,WE, the owners make them into monsters, because no one is born like this.
    This applies to all pet owners, it is said in:

    The Pet’s Ten Commandments

    Before you hit me,before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you,
    and yet ,I choose not to bite you.

    Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

  2. Ironically, there was just an editorial tonight in our local paper due to the fact that this week two pitbulls escaped their fence and killed another dog. The editorial was just reemphasizing that pitbulls aren’t inherently bad but do take people that are responsible to raise & care for them. This was a heartwarming story especially as we had a black cocker many years ago.

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