Gumby, the shelter dog who refused to be adopted

Photo source:  Charleston Animal Society
Photo source: Charleston Animal Society
The Animal Channel carries the story of Gumby, a white hound who was found wandering the streets and was taken in by the Charleston Animal Society. Over the course of two years, he was adopted no less than ELEVEN times, but kept either running away from his adoptive homes to return to the shelter (three times) or being returned by his adopters because they could not keep him contained (eight times).

Shelter staff finally figured out that Gumby preferred shelter life because he knew he had work to do there. He now lives permanently at the no-kill shelter, helping ease the transition to shelter life for new dogs and serving as an ambassador to model behavior skills for other dogs.

In an interesting twist, the shelter also takes a bit of blood from Gumby every two weeks because canine white blood cells are apparently helpful in healing eye infections in kittens. Who knew?

So here’s to Gumby and the staff at the Charleston Animal Society who recognized his special gifts.

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