Fundraiser for Kabul Small Animal Rescue

Photo:  KSAR
Photo: KSAR
Help get pets out of Afghanistan as human evacuation continues.

Conditions are dire. Our animals are safe and we are still open and ready to help any animals that cross our paths! It is a dangerous time but the KSAR staff will not desert the animals. We are trying to get them to safety out of country and money is needed.

There are animals being dropped off daily from those that are headed out during this mass exodus and at the moment (Aug 19) we have 60 cats and 50 dogs. Other shelters have animals too that we will include with each load that can depart. Food costs are rising and difficult to purchase and to add to the situation it is not that safe to be out strolling the streets to locate supplies. KSAR has reserved 8 flights for animals as cargo BUT the airport is shut down until all the humans that need to depart are safely gone our animals can not depart unless a charter opportunity arises. We are ready and waiting!

Please help us today by donating to this fund. Its going to take a lot of money, faith and luck to get these animals to safety.

Thank you! We cannot express fully the appreciation we have for all those helping us at this time.

KSAR Staff

All funds from this campaign go directly to KSAR & Clinic to assist with rescuing the animals and getting them to a safe country. Thank you for helping our friends – Puppy Rescue Mission Team

Please help if you can.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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