Shelter Sunday: Cleveland Browns Pound Puppies

Photo:  Cleveland Browns
Photo: Cleveland Browns

If you’re a football fan, you might know that Cleveland Browns fans sit in the Dawg Pound endzone and that the team mascot is a Dawg.

So it only makes sense they would use their training camp to encourage dog adoptions. For the 7th year, they have partnered with Sugardale Foods to bring puppies from the NE Ohio SPCA to camp for fans to adopt.

With each adoption, Sugardale provided new owners with a puppy starter kit, as well as a photo opportunity for families to take their first family photo with their new puppy.

They also made trading cards featuring puppy names that were take-offs on player names, such as Donovan Pupples-Jones, pictured above with wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones.

This year, 53 puppies found forever homes with Browns fans.

Kudos to all involved!

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