The Story of Smokey: Fire Comfort Dog Comes to Toledo is reporting that one of the first fire comfort dogs in the nation has been employed in Toledo, Ohio.

We’re all familiar with the Dalmatians that used to accompany fire trucks, back when they were horse-drawn and a dog was needed to clear a path for the fire carriages to get through the crowded streets.

Smokey, however, is a fire dog of a different sort. In a new program, focused on helping firefighters deal with the trauma they often experience as first responders, Smokey provides comfort to the men and women when they come back to the firehouse after a run.

Smokey, himself, is no stranger to trauma. When his original guardian died of cancer, Smokey landed in an Arizona shelter, at risk for euthanasia. He was rescued from the shelter and placed with the Toledo department by the K9 Defender Fund. He is currently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever due to a tick bite sustained while he was in Arizona.

Firefighters and other donors are helping to pay for Smokey’s vet care. You can help by donating through the gold-colored “donate” PayPal button on the K9 Defender site (specify in the comments that you want your money to go to Smokey’s account) or by mailing a donation to the K9 Defender Fund 8893 Summerfield Road Lambertville, Michigan 48144. Write, “Smokey’s account” in the check memo line.

K9 Defender Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) registered organization that is designed to aid specialized K9 teams,
who in turn provide a service or services, to the general public. They work with military, police, fire, and search & rescue teams, often providing canine first aid kits to make sure these hard-working dogs have access to the right equipment and supplies when they become injured on the job. Their Facebook page shows many success stories.

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