Shelter Sunday: Smokey / Hawaii Dog Foundation / Waipahu, HI

Smokey HI

Meet Smokey! This handsome boy is a hound / Shar Pei mix who has hereditary mange. Don’t let his skin condition freak you out. My Checkers has mange, and it is very easy to manage with medication – she looks great! Here’s what Smokey’s rescuers have to say about him:

Say hi to Smokey. He ‘s a 40lbs hound/sharpei mix. He was relinquished to Hawaii Dog Foundation due to a worsening skin infection.

We took him directly to the vet to get a better understanding of his health status. Smokey was diagnosed with demodectic mange and hookworm. He was immediately given medicine for the hookworm and a flea & tick preventative to address the mange. Frequent baths, good food and continued care should get his skin feeling better in no time.

Smokey is a very gentle boy. He really does just want human care and attention. Smokey does very well with other dogs, but we’ve not seen him with cats just yet.

He is not quite ready for adoption right now (Nov 2020), but we suspect by Christmas or the new year, he’ll be feeling much better.

Smokey is currently a guest of the Hawaii Dog Foundation in Waipulu, Hawaii. If you’re lucky enough to be nearby, why not contact them to learn more about Smokey and all of his friends. You can email [email protected] or fill out an online adoption application.

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Good day, and good dog!

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