Trump: What’s he got against dogs?

(Language warning at the very end.)

Crooks and Liars is running a story quoting Keith Olbermann’s thoughts about Donald Trump and dogs.

Olbermann points out that Trump continues to use dogs to describe people in a derogatory manner, and that this behavior could lose him votes, given the number of people who have great relationships with canines. He further emphasizes how little Trump knows about dogs when he says people did xyz “like a dog”, when xyz is not something that dogs do. For example, Trump at one time claimed that Marco Rubio was “sweating like a dog,” and as we all know, dogs don’t sweat!

Everything else in this crazy election season has become a major issue. Why not this? I’m a big Olberman fan, but I think you might enjoy this short video even if you’re not. Regardless of your political bent, it’s ironic and funny, in true Olbermann style.

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Good day, and good dog!

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