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Carbon Footprints

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo
One need only look at the wildfires raging in the Western US or the storm activity in the Caribbean to know that climate change is real. We all know we have a carbon footprint we should be trying to shrink, but did you know your dog has one that can be reduced, too?

Sherry Listgarten, writing at PaloAltoOnline.com, lists ways in which we can reduce the carbon pawprint. Here’s what I see as the top three of her suggestions. Continue reading Carbon Footprints

Maybe he’s just off getting married?

Photo: Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Notice anything missing in this photo? West Hollywood police are searching for anyone who knows what happened to the 200-pound pink dog sculpture that used to be atop the pink platform. The dog, wearing tennis shoes and with a water bottle strapped to his back, has been missing since the weekend of the Gay Pride parade. Continue reading Maybe he’s just off getting married?