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Maybe he’s just off getting married?

Photo: Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Notice anything missing in this photo? West Hollywood police are searching for anyone who knows what happened to the 200-pound pink dog sculpture that used to be atop the pink platform. The dog, wearing tennis shoes and with a water bottle strapped to his back, has been missing since the weekend of the Gay Pride parade. Continue reading Maybe he’s just off getting married?

Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Dogs Get Lost

According to Home Again, one of the providers of micro-chipping for pets, these are the top ten ways in which dogs get lost:

10.  Getting lost during the turmoil of a natural disasters or emergencies.

9.  Wondering off while traveling

8.  Leaving the yard when the electric fence goes down.

7.  Digging under a traditional fence.

6.  Fleeing in panic during a thunderstorm or fireworks display.

5.  Going outside off-leash for a quick potty break.

4.  Slipping a poorly tied knot when the dog is tied out.

3.  Getting stolen while unattended.

2.  Breaking through a loose screen.

1.  Slipping out through a door left open by a handyman or delivery person.

Watch our dog den for an upcoming article on micro-chipping.

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