Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Dogs Get Lost

According to Home Again, one of the providers of micro-chipping for pets, these are the top ten ways in which dogs get lost:

10.  Getting lost during the turmoil of a natural disasters or emergencies.

9.  Wondering off while traveling

8.  Leaving the yard when the electric fence goes down.

7.  Digging under a traditional fence.

6.  Fleeing in panic during a thunderstorm or fireworks display.

5.  Going outside off-leash for a quick potty break.

4.  Slipping a poorly tied knot when the dog is tied out.

3.  Getting stolen while unattended.

2.  Breaking through a loose screen.

1.  Slipping out through a door left open by a handyman or delivery person.

Watch our dog den for an upcoming article on micro-chipping.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Dogs Get Lost”

  1. Alternative top 10: “Written by Max (The Dog) Translated by Robert Worrall”

    10. Err, I think I will give this one a wide birth….

    9. We do not wander off whilst travelling. I just don’t want to go with you. You can see too much of someone you know. I just think it’s time we spent some time apart.

    8. Electric Fence! Are there border crossings, patrolled by helicopter gun ships armed with the latest in water pistol technology? I will not be bound by your fence. The fence will not go down it will be be taken down.

    7.We whistle the music from the ‘Great Escape’ as we dig to freedom.

    6. We do not flee firework displays we are running off to private parties or to raid your cupboards whilst you gawk at lights in the sky.

    5. Are you surprised I bolt if you let me off the leash. Freedom is to be treasured and I will make the most of it if you give me the lack of it. Besides I wouldn’t be so eager to leave if I hadn’t pi**ed on the electric fence.

    4. You tie me up, outside when it is either boiling, chucking it down or when you bog off next door to have a barbecue with the neighbours. I can smell that food. Let’s swap and lets see how you like it…..

    3. I was stolen once. But they brought me back to my owner asking for compensation. They also said I would be ‘ too tough’ not quite sure what they meant?

    2. I had to escape through the screen my owner was trying to de-flea me.

    1. Ahh, Handymen. Every good escape starts with a handyman. Bribery and theft are tools an escape artist employs to great effect.

    “Max has spent the last 3 years devising escape plans for major Journals including dogscape ,The Lancet and Scientific America. He has also authored books ‘Max;imum’ Embarrassment and Max’s Law. He officially retired from squirrel chasing in 2006 and lives in the north of England”

  2. The only way our setter “wanders” off if going through her electric fence if she decides to chase something. So she can be out in the yard unsupervised but supervised. We put the fence in ourself ,have heard the professionally installed ones work best but we didn’t know that at the time! She is tattoed and chipped.

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