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I Love a Happy Ending!

From our friends at CNN: When Aisha Nieves lost her dog in Allentown, Pennsyvania, she was devastated. She did the usual things you do when you lose a dog, but had no luck finding Kovu.

Turns out he was taken to the Lehigh County Humane Society and adopted out to another family. Two years later, the family was forced to return the dog when they faced eviction due to the COVID pandemic.

Good thing Aisha had never given up on having a dog in her home. Scrolling through the humane society’s webpage, she found her beloved Kovu and was able to reunite with him!

Another good reminder to microchip your pets.

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Petco Love Lost

It’s estimated that one in three pets will go lost during their lifetime — 10 million annually. And without a central place to report them lost or found, many may never be reunited with their families. At Petco Love, they’re determined to change that. They vow not to stop until every lost pet finds their way home. That’s why they created Petco Love Lost, a national resource that uses pet facial recognition technology to empower animal-loving communities to reunite lost pets.

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Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 23rd is the day we draw attention to the plight of lost dogs and celebrate reunions. According to Lost Dogs of America, The tenacious efforts of the combined states’ volunteers efforts, along with over 600,000 fans have helped reunite over 125,000 dogs with their families since 2011. Getting lost dogs back home reduces stress on owners’, staff at shelters/animal control facilities, other dogs in the facilities, and ultimately saves taxpayers’ money. It also opens up kennel space for truly homeless dogs. Continue reading Lost Dog Awareness Day

Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Dogs Get Lost

According to Home Again, one of the providers of micro-chipping for pets, these are the top ten ways in which dogs get lost:

10.  Getting lost during the turmoil of a natural disasters or emergencies.

9.  Wondering off while traveling

8.  Leaving the yard when the electric fence goes down.

7.  Digging under a traditional fence.

6.  Fleeing in panic during a thunderstorm or fireworks display.

5.  Going outside off-leash for a quick potty break.

4.  Slipping a poorly tied knot when the dog is tied out.

3.  Getting stolen while unattended.

2.  Breaking through a loose screen.

1.  Slipping out through a door left open by a handyman or delivery person.

Watch our dog den for an upcoming article on micro-chipping.

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