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Dog Beds for the Pampered Pup

From TheClassyDog.com via Melva-Arms Pierce on Pinterest
From TheClassyDog.com via Melva-Arms Pierce on Pinterest
I’m not a big Pinterest person, but I did find this post on Dog Beds pretty interesting. I never knew there were so many different models. Since my dogs sleep primarily in MY bed, I guess I’ve become out of touch with the different ways you can pamper your dog for those long naps. Some of these beds are more luxurious than my own! Maybe this would be a way to get my dogs out of my bed – whaddya think?

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Smart but Spoiled Rotten

This past weekend was family reunion weekend for the Philley clan. Although I wasn’t about to descend on my mom’s condo with all four of my dogs, I did get my doggy fix from my brother’s dog, Matilda, and my sister’s ancient Chihuahua, Archie. Matilda is the one with her head on top in the photo, shown with her late brother, Chance.

Please bear with me while I tell you one story of the weekend’s hi-jinx. (I won’t make you watch the two-carousel slide show, I promise!)
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