8 thoughts on “Best Wishes for the Dog Lady”

  1. I hope you recover soon.I found this website trying to find free chi-poo pups and just read about your knee my stepdads dad had is whole leg replaced.Best wishes from me my maltese and my blck lab.

  2. I just read about you. Sounds like you are one busy lady. My husband has had both knees replaced and he is still walking. It is a tough rehab but you have faced bigger challenges with all those kids. Good luck. I wish I knew you, you are doing much needed work for our youth. Thank you

  3. My best wishes with her . your beloved dog get well soon.And i hope you have recovery in a short time period.Best of luck

  4. Get well very soon! Your beloved doggy family will be missing those long walks and playing games with their Mommy that they enjoy so much!

  5. Best of luck with your recovery! We will be thinking about you and right there beside you when you are doing your therapy and exercises! Promise!

    Jeanne And The Barking Bunch

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