Saturday Survey: Do You Restrain Your Dog in the Car?

I posted earlier in the week the top ten reasons for using a seatbelt on your dog when transporting him or her, but I have to confess, I don’t often strap my dogs in. How about you?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Do You Restrain Your Dog in the Car?”

  1. Maybe I should be ashamed I do not restrain. It is something I think about. I have 2 middle aged, large dogs. They have always had the whole back of my Jeep. Thinking it would be hard to incorporate now. I do think it’s a good idea though!

  2. yes, i have my dog in a doggy booster seat (bought at Petco) – the seat sits high so she can look out the window and it has a tether. however, the tether is too low and she would get tangled in it so i bought a large dog color and a medium dog collar. i strapped the large dog collar around the headrest with the med dog collar also attached to it and use the tether between it and her harness – since it stis up so high, she doesn’t get tangled in it and can still have some freedom and safety – she even has enough room to stand up in the booster and stick her little head out the window at times…

    if you have to stop suddenly or are hit from behind, your dog could go flying out the window…. fluke accidents DO happen!

  3. My grandson had a 7 month old brindle boxer “Duke Moneymaker” and they were traveling to the river for the weekend with the dog riding in the cab inside the truck – they stopped for gas and the dog jumped out of the truck and a box truck hit him and killed him this week-end. Needless to say my grandson, son and all of us are heart broken. This puppy had a sweet personality and so very smart. We are devasted. Having said all of that – I believe you should secure your dod if you have them riding in your car/truck because they are dogs and want to run. Please don’t let something like this happen to you – so heart breaking.

  4. I regret that we don’t restrain our dog in the car but,maybe this isn’t a good excuse,but she was almost 3 when we got her,she’s 11 1/2 now. It has just been in the last few years that this idea has surfaced. Not sure it would work to start something like this now and she has never been crated soooo…… If we get another puppy someday,I will most likely do something to keep the dog and us safe.

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