Stevie Wonder: Blind Dog “Plays” with Albuquerque Isotopes

Photo Credit: ABQ Journal
From the ABQ Journal: Minor League Baseball’s Albuquerque Isotopes have a new best friend: Stevie Wonder, a five-month old shepherd mix puppy, has taken over the locker room.

Starting pitcher John Ely adopted him from Albuquerque’s Watermelon Mountain Ranch in May, and the dog has been hanging out in the locker room ever since.

The very un-PC name for the dog came about because the dog had to have both of his eyes removed prior to being adopted. One eye was badly damaged and the other was so infected that neither could be saved.

When several of the Isotopes’ players visited the Ranch to help with an adoption promotion, Ely and Stevie just clicked. With the team’s rigorous travel schedule, many of the players and team employees have pitched in to care for Stevie. Infielder Aaron Miles says the blind dog will be teaching a class for umpires next week.

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One thought on “Stevie Wonder: Blind Dog “Plays” with Albuquerque Isotopes”

  1. Stevie probably sees better than all us – pets included. The blind have a strong 6th sense which makes them ultra-sensitively aware of people and what goes on around them. Lovely doggie!

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