Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

dreamstime_xs_25070515Continuing our series on Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, we present the top ten reasons why adopting a shelter dog makes good sense.

10. Many shelter dogs are already obedience trained.
9. Every dog you adopt means one less dog will be euthanized.
8. Shelter dogs often are free from the genetic issues that plague some purebreds.
7. Most shelter dogs are past the annoying puppy stage – your shoes and carpets will be safe!
6. Shelter dogs are more than ready to find a forever home.
5. Shelter dogs are typically less expensive than dogs from breeders.
4. Purchasing a shelter dog means you are not supporting a puppy mill.
3. It is possible to get a purebred dog from a shelter, if you are patient. Make friends with the shelter staff and ask them to notify you when your desired breed comes in. Better yet, volunteer so you can see for yourself!
2. Most shelters will include the spay / neuter cost in your adoption fee or will give you a rebate on a portion of your fee if you bring in proof of spay / neuter from your private vet.
1. Shelter dogs rock!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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