Pet Obesity Epidemic

Overweight? Me?
The 2017 Banfield Pet Hospital Annual Report on the State of Pet Health is out, and this year they have chosen to spotlight the obesity epidemic. Obesity is the second most common diagnosis made in cats and dogs, falling just behind dental disease.

As you might imagine, the reason our pets are becoming overweight is because we overfeed them and don’t give them enough exercise. And just as in humans, the results can be devastating as joints deteriorate, causing pain and making it harder to exercise. It becomes a spiral. And it’s an expensive spiral.

Owners of overweight dogs spend 17% more on health care and nearly 25% more on medications. Furthermore, one estimate indicates that an additional $2,026 per year for dogs is spent on obesity-related conditions.

The report reviews studies that have found the breeds that have the highest prevalence of obesity are Labrador Retrievers, Cairn Terriers, and Cocker Spaniels. I’m not sure my Beagle would agree. She is large and in charge!

The 2017 State of Pet Health report is available online with cool graphics and interactive elements to help you gauge how skinny or fat your dog is and what to do if you find he or she is overweight. It’s worth the five or ten minutes it will take you to check it out.

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