How Much Does Your Dog Cost?

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Although we could never put a price on the love and companionship we get from our dogs, the ASPCA wants you to know how much it actually costs to care for a dog. Of course, it also takes time and love to raise a dog, but it’s important to consider your budgetary abilities if you are thinking about adding a dog to your pack. recently wrote an article on this, using stats published by the ASPCA.

Based on a lifespan of 10 years for large dogs, they estimate the lifetime cost to be $14,480. For medium-sized dogs with a lifespan of 13 years, the estimate rises to $15,782, while for small dogs (who have a longer lifespan on 15 years, but lower costs due to their relatively smaller needs), the estimate is $15,051. These estimates take into account your day-to-day costs as well as capital costs like spay/neuter.

How does this shake out on an annual basis? Again, depending on the size of your dog, your costs will vary, but you can expect to spend $435 – $485 on health care, $264 – $408 on grooming, $212 – $400 on food, up to $75 on toys and treats, and up to $100 on licensing and miscellaneous costs.

The article also points out you may have additional fees related to health insurance and rental deposits when you have a dog.

I know we’d all love to have hundreds of dogs living with us, but cost is a very real concern for those of us who don’t have unlimited money. One of the leading causes for dogs ending up in shelters is that their families can no longer afford to keep them. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you agree to take on one of these magnificent, living beings.

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