Iditarod Standings as of 8:30 pm ET, Thursday, 3/7/19

Nicholas Petit is now in the lead and has left the checkpoint at the town of Iditarod.

1 Nicolas Petit (20) Out of Iditarod
2 Aliy Zirkle (19) In to Iditarod
3 Joar Leifseth Ulsom (28) In to Iditarod
4 Martin Buser (21) In to Iditarod
5 Jessie Royer (14) In to Iditarod
6 Peter Kaiser (9) Out of Ophir
7 Richie Diehl (29) Out of Ophir
8 Ryan Redington (22) Out of Ophir
9 Mitch Seavey (32) Out of Ophir
10 Matthew Failor (17) Out of Ophir

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