DVR Alert: AKC World of Dog Sports Airs Tomorrow

Mark your calendars for the American Kennel Club World of Dog Sports, airing tomorrow, June 6th at 11am EST on ESPN2! The program celebrates the athleticism and competitive achievements of our canine companions.

Who can run the fastest? Jump the farthest? If Usain Bolt was to be a canine, what breed would he be?

The AKC World of Dog Sports follows teams of dog and handler in the sports of Agility, Fast CAT (Fastest Dog in America), Diving Dogs, and Flyball. Dog lovers and sports fans alike will enjoy the “2020 AKC Dog Sports Draft”, which highlights some of the most competitive breeds across all dog sports. Viewers will learn about elite canine athletes as they compete across these thrilling AKC action sports.

Sounds exciting!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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