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All of God’s Creatures

This one touched me. Had to share it with you, even though it’s not about dogs.
When her baby got caught up in a string from a balloon, the mama goose walked up to a police car and began pecking at the door. The officer tried throwing some food out for her, but she wasn’t interested. Just like Lassie when Timmy was down the well, the goose walked a short distance away and looked back, quacking at the officer. He eventually followed her and found the baby.

He was afraid of hurting the baby or being attacked by the goose, so he called the SPCA, but they were busy. His fellow officer, Cecilia Charron, came to the rescue and untangled the baby from the string. Said baby was very anxious to get back to mama! Happily reunited, they swam away from the scene.

Kudos to the officers for helping out this distressed mama and baby.

We’ll get back to dogs shortly.

Until next time,
Good day, and good goose! er…dog!