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Lost Boxer – Savannah

To all of our alert & watchful readers in Savannah:  keep an eye out for this lost little girl.  Received this in my e-mail today.

Hi All – received a message this AM re: a lost female boxer, rescued at 2 yrs., now 5yrs., fawn and flashy (white), natural ears, docked tail.  Went missing 2 days ago (Dec. 28).  Very sweet.  Parents have done all the right things as far as trying to locate and are beside themselves.  If anyone has any information PLEASE contact me at the below number to let me know.

Many thanks and fingers crossed!

Allison L. Connor
Savannah GA
Volunteer and Shelter Liaison
Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition, Inc.
Helping Homeless Boxers in N. FL & S. GA