Survey Saturday: What’s Your Favorite Breed of Dog?

I nearly got into an argument today with a friend over what the best breed of dog is.  So, we’ll let you, the readers, decide.  Listed below are the 9 most popular breeds, according to 2008 AKC registrations, as well as the ever-popular “mutt-i-gree”.  I had to narrow it down somehow, so AKC rankings seemed like an easy way to do it.

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Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Survey Saturday: What’s Your Favorite Breed of Dog?”

  1. i have a mastiff ack.reg.this is my 2nd mastiff the last one was 11 years old when he had a stroke,and had to be put down,i am a cancer suvivor,when i was doing kemo he was thare for me,did kemo for a year and a half.this makes mastiff the one for me

  2. I’ve had many dogs over the years, purebred to mutt. Of the purebreds, the yellow labs have it—paws down!
    You have to give to the mutts, the lack of health problems is a plus.
    Either way, longevity hasn’t been an issue for any of them.

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