Is your dog a boy or a girl?

genderEven though most of us, as responsible pet guardians, have spayed or neutered our dogs, effectively making them “its”, we have been struggling here at with how to refer to animals without offending either gender.  Did you ever ask someone “What’s his name?” or “How old is he?”, only to have the person look down his nose and say “SHE is whatever…”

We definitely don’t want to offend, so, I’ve been asked to run a poll to see what you think.  How should we be gender-inclusive on the blog, as well as in our articles and other features?

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Is your dog a boy or a girl?”

  1. Just alternate. I just use one or the other depending probably on my mood although I’ve never stopped to consider the contexts.
    I’d also like to address a major dog park pet peeve of mine, My dog still has her external lady parts very visible and is therefore a female. Your dog is still urinating from the same place he was when he had the rest of his equipment and is therefore a male. My dog is neither a hermaphrodite nor transgendered. She is a girl not an it. She is offended that not even the pink spiked and diamond-studded collar is enough to clarify this.

  2. I would not say that once a dog is neutered or has been spade ‘effectively makes them its’. They still have the plumbing just not the ability to create more the little blighters.

    My dog is neutered, but he still has his bits so he would still be a he. ‘Just don’t tell him. he is donating sperm next week’.


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