Only one dog for the Chinese

chineseThe city of Guangzhou, China (formerly known as Canton) has a new regulation set to take effect on July 1st. This law will allow each family to have only one dog, regardless of how many they now have.

Supposedly, this will reduce the number of stray dogs wandering the streets of Guangzhou, but most people think the law is aimed at reducing the amount of dog poop left on the streets for the upcoming Asian Games next year.

In other parts of China, officials have passed similar laws, then they have sent authorities through neighborhoods to ferret out families with more than one dog. When more than one is found, the “extra” dog(s) are beaten to death in front of their owners. How awful!

If they want the dog poop cleaned up, how about a pooper scooper law instead? Many of the citizens are protesting the new law, but if other recent protests in China are any indication, I don’t hold out much hope that they will be successful.

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4 thoughts on “Only one dog for the Chinese”

  1. A dog owner in china left a very large pile of poop right outside myh house, when I challenged him he told be to go back to my own country, this is my countryt he said, and I retort yes a filthy one where you dont clean up after your dog, yes something to be very proud of. The chinese let their dogs poo everywhere, it is absolutley filthy. So his wife cleaned it up.

  2. No surprises here. The one child law ended up with daughters being dumped on to rubbish tips.

    You can not expect anything better from a regime that drives tanks over it’s own people.

  3. That does seem the odd way to handle it. I can’t imagine this working. I hope the protests work. Poor dogs. People are so cruel.

  4. I am surprised by this. I thought that having dogs as pets was a foreign idea to the Chinese. I have been told by several manufacturers say that the employees of dog toy factories do not understand what they are making. They could also make spade and neutering mandatory instead.

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