National Dog Show 2010 Best in Show

If you’ve been following along today, you know that the following seven dogs lined up for best in show at the 2010 National Dog Show, broadcast on NBC this afternoon. 

Sporting Group:  Irish Setter 

Terriers:  American Staffordshire Terrier 

Working Dogs:  Boxer 

Hound Group:  Scottish Deerhound 

Herding:  Australian Shepherd 

Non-Sporting Group:  Schipperke 

Toy Group:  Affenpincher 

And the best in show winner was:  Clooney, the Irish Setter!  

Steven Donahue / See Spot Run Photography

BTW, Shame on you NBC, for telling the results before you aired the show.  If you watched John O’Hurley on the Today Show on Wednesday, he was talking about how he wanted an Irish Setter to win Best in Show because he thinks they are such pretty dogs.  That’s well and fine, until you consider that the show was actually held last weekend, and as the host, of course he knew who had won at that point.  That’s pretty under-handed.  Once I saw the Setter win the Sporting Group, which was the first group they showed, I wondered if it would end up winning.  I thought, “surely they wouldn’t have aired that on the Today Show if he really won,” but sure enough, they did. 

Until next time, 

Good day, and good dog!

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