Invisible Fence’s Project Breathe

Kudos to the Invisible Fence Company. In addition to providing a solution to the problem of keeping pets safe at home when your subdivision doesn’t allow fences, they are making donations to many fire departments of pet breathing masks. These masks, which were originally used by vets to give anesthesia, are being repurposed to deliver oxygen when a dog suffers from smoke inhalation in a house fire.

The company has donated over 10,000 masks and saved over 100 pet lives. Here are just a few of the stories that have appeared in the media over the past several years, where these masks have helped save ALL of our loved ones after devastating fires.
Roanoke, VA

Chicago, IL

Huntington, Long Island, NY

Wichita, KS

What a nice way for a dog products company to honor their commitment to their community and to dogs in general.

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