Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

Parade Magazine came out with their Pet Owners’ Edition this past weekend, and it included an article called “The Battle of Dogs vs. Cats“.  They only came up with six categories of why dogs were better, but I was able to find a few more.

10.  Stamina:  Cats are more like sprinters, while dogs are marathoners.  Evidence:  the dogs who run the Iditarod cover 1100 miles in less than 2 weeks.

9.  Hardest working:  Cats tend to hunt, period.  Dogs, on the other hand “guide thr blind, chase down criminals, sniff out illegal drugs…detect termites, identify gas leaks, and … help school children with ADHD concentrate.”

8.  Fastest:  Greyhounds race at about 40 miles per hour, while house cats can cruise at about 30 mph.

7.  Sheer numbers:  Of the 62% of American homes that include a pet, 69% have a dog while only 51% have a cat.

6.  Sense of smell:  Cats have 45 – 80 million scent receptors, compared to dogs who have 149 – 300 million.  (Humans have a measly 5 million.)

5.  Intelligence:  The average dog can learn 165 dogs, roughly equivalent to a 2-year old human.  Cats get something like 35 words, max.

4.  Sociability:  Everyone knows dogs come when you call.  Cats send a staff member to take a message.

3.  No hair balls.

2.  Endless play time.  Cats snooze about 80 – 90% of each day, while dogs are always up for play time.

1.  Variety, the spice of life.  While there are different breeds of cats, there is far less variability between breeds than what dogs have.  The wide variety of dogs available means everyone can find one that matches their idea of a dream dog.

Now, before all of you cat lovers write nasty letters, take note that I have 2 cats myself & love them dearly.  According to the article in Parade, cats win in the following categories:  Agility, hunting prowess, longevity, and independence.)  Parade invites you to join in the debate if you disagree.  While you’re on their site, check out their picks for the top pets of the year.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats”

  1. It’s said that dogs are slavishly attached to their masters/mistresses –
    and BOTH love it! As for giving warnings in dangerous situations, cats, too,
    have been known to call their owners’ attention. One cat was reported to have
    meowed its head off to wake up its mistress, and jumped on her chest when she
    did not respond immediately. Similar stories have found their way in the news
    internationally; but there may be more cases that hadn’t been reported.

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