Tuesday Top Ten: Benefits of Dogtown Cincinnati

Photo: Allison Monahan

Just got word from my niece Allison that she is working at a place in Cincinnati called Dogtown.  It sounds like a really neat place, so I wanted to tell all my Tri-State readers about it.

Dogtown Cincinnati is a fun, interactive daycare and kennel-free boarding business located  minutes from downtown and Clifton.  We provide dogs and cats with a home-like and strict environment.  Our goal is to send your dog home tired and with good manners!

Here’s my top ten list of why you should try it out!

10.  Cageless daycare.  Kinda reminds me of free-range chickens!

9.  Individual walks in the park

8.  Short-term care for your dog while you shop or attend to your personal business

7.  Boarding options for longer-term care

6.  Grooming – ask for Allison!  I laughed at her Facebook post because she said she was giving her dog clients a facial.  I asked if I could have one!

5.  Food and treats

4.  Photography – Allison is a first class pet photographer!

3.  Training classes

2.  Fun and games

1.  Webcams, so you can check in on your pet as much as you’d like.

I’ll have to check this out the next time we go to Grandma’s!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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