Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Have a Bed?

I posted earlier this week about Better Buddies dog beds, and it got me to wondering:  does your dog have his own bed?  I have one who sleeps on a dog bed, one who sleeps wherever she lands, one who confiscates my La-Z-Boy the second I stand up, and one who snuggles with me.

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Have a Bed?”

  1. She sleeps in our kitchen at night on the main floor,the rest of us on the second floor. When sent to her bed at night,she goes to a rug by our basement steps. HOWEVER,later after all have gone to bed she will go to her own bed a few feet away,which is a nice pad. She has her “own” chair in our living room BUT if I leave the couch where I usually sit,she can be found in that place when I get back.
    All it takes is a “look” and she is back to her chair. Her second favorite spot is her “cave” under our computer desk.

  2. Old Brittany (13+ beagle) has four beds. I like my old bones t0o be comfortable where ever I go; she is entitled to as much. She has one bed under the tble by my Living room chair, another on the floor on the right side near the head of my bed, a third one out side under a crab-apple tree (rarely used) and the fourth is on the floor behind the passenger seat of my van also rarely used as she HATES car rides. She is obedient about getting in the van, then trembles and shivers the whole trip, short or long. (Took her a year to discover the pleasure of the seat that affords a view out the windows … IF she looks, which isn’t often.

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