Saturday Survey: Hospital Therapy Dogs

A lot of you liked the picture we showed earlier this week of the beautiful German Shepherd sleeping at the bottom of a hospital bed.  Made me wonder what your experience has been with therapy dogs.  I’ve passed several in the halls of various hospitals, but I’ve never had one visit while I was a patient.  How about you?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Hospital Therapy Dogs”

  1. None of those answers applied, so I didn’t vote. I am a nurse and a pt. was in isolation and had his service dog in for a visit. Put him in a paper gown just to follow the rules. Oh that is a bunch of crap, I did it to make the patient laugh. Second time was in an iffy situation. Hospital had been talking about starting a therapy program, but was unsure as to whether or not it would be an official therapy dog, or the patient’s own pet. Supervisor and I decided if they couldn’t make up their minds about hospital policy we would just have to do it ourselves. I just wish all of the hospitals would do the same. I’m not saying we should have a pet in every room, but they should make some arrangements especially for those who are extended stay patients or those who clearly just need it.

  2. When I was in rehab for a stroke I saw several dogs visiting on a weekly basis. There was also a woman who did the laundry and she always had one or two chihuahuas on her cart. She actually owns 12!! It was so much fun to see the cart roll out of the elevator and there they would be just sitting there good as gold and they loved the attention as much as we did.

  3. i breed vizsla’s and would like to know how to have my dog certified as a therpy dog? I am also interested in training a puppy for a seeing eye dog. if ou can help me please call me at 352 566 8777. thank you patty jo

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