5 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Pictures That Make You Say “Awwww” – Part Two”

  1. Hello
    I must say that these pictures are ADORABLE!!
    I love dogs very much. In fact, I have three of them sitting tight next to me! A Labrador, a border collie, and a German shepherd. I love them… But I miss my Australian shepherd who died a week ago. :(
    RIP Annie

    I miss her so much……………………. :((((((((:((:(:(:(:(:(

  2. I secretly am a dog. But I am online so nobody knows. I’m a German shepherd-chinook mix woof
    This is my fav website……
    Wait… How can I type if I’m a dog!????!?!?!?!!?!
    OMG this is going on Facebook

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